We are sharing Sascha’s tragic story to bring awareness and hopefully prevent future tragic occurrences.


October 17th, 2013, at six months old, Sascha Rose, our baby Doberman broke a toe on her right, front paw.

We took Sascha to the LA Pet Clinic where her primary care giver,  Dr. Reina,  performed X-Rays,  set her broken toe,  and wrapped her leg with a bandage.

During the following 12 days after breaking a toe,  Sascha quickly fell ill and we made several visits to the LA Pet Clinic,  which Sascha was often admitted as an in-patient for overnight stays. While under the care of Dr. Reina,  Sascha developed a raging infection inside the bandage, which they applied,  that was eating the flesh from her bones.


The infection not only threatened her entire leg,  but at one point,  a specialist at the Advanced Critical Care 24 hour hospital feared she might turn septic and die if not for immediate amputation of the entire leg.

We are still in shock and still wondering how this had occurred after treating such a common injury as a broken toe.  And especially after as many times as we brought Sascha back to the LA Pet Clinic because she appeared to be in such great pain,  wasn’t eating,  wasn’t drinking, wouldn’t move at all,  and finally nearly a week after the aforementioned,  started BLEEDING from her bandage! How had this happened?  We cannot fathom how something so seemingly simple as an infection was not observed,  let alone able to develop,  during the many,  nearly daily,  return visits and over-night stays during the course of those twelve days spent to find out exactly what was ailing our baby?

The LA Pet Clinic has refused to speak to us or discuss these questions at any length.

“The Full Story”


Our first time seeing the unwrapped paw since we found her bleeding, taken 10/29/2013 at the Advanced Critical Care hospital immediately after checking Sascha out of the LA Pet Clinic.  We previously were given NO indication this progression had occurred under Sascha’s bandage during her final,  4 day in-patient stay at the LA Pet Clinic.





Taken the morning of 10/30/2013 at the ACC Culver City. She had already lost 6Lbs of her previous 43Lbs and looked very sickly. She had no feeling in her right paw and could barely stand.

Sascha Standing

How did a visit to a trusted veterinarian to set a broken toe end up like this?!




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  1. Patty C

    I can believe a professional vet would leave a simple infection untreated for so long that it would result on this!

  2. David Greene

    The individuals at the LA Pet Clinic who are directly involved and responsible for this atrocity should be very ashamed and embarrassed. How can they not take responsibility and in particular, how can they not discuss at length what transpired!? A lovely young dog almost lost her leg, and potentially her life, from a common injury amongst puppies and young dogs especially, yet no explanation? That is absolutely deplorable!

    I am glad Sascha Rose did not lose her leg and I certainly hope she is able to lead a healthy, active life for a very long time. Do not profess yourselves as professional if you are not! I hope a situation like this does not arise ever again for anyone’s pet.

  3. Travis

    What a tragic story. How can a licensed clinic foul up like this? Just terrible. I would raise hell if this were to happen to my own dog.

  4. BAE

    Appalling. It is unfathomable that someone who spent the time and money for veterinary school and claim to care for animals and their well being would not take the time to redress their patient’s wound. If the time was taken to do so, then obviously the Dr. was not looking at the wound. It is very apparent that this vet was looking to make money – a 4 day stay for a simple infection is outrageous. Please do everything you can to stop this vet from treating other pets – it is quite clear the vet is not in it for the benefit of our babies’ health.

  5. Clay

    So sorry that this happened to your puppy! Cowardly move on the clinic’s part…I can’t imagine why any doctor would withhold information like that. They clearly made a mistake and don’t have the decency to admit it. Thanks for taking action, hopefully your outspokenness can prevent other pet owners from going to these quacks.

  6. Elena

    I am so sorry that this happened to such a sweet looking pup and the family she comes from! What a trooper. It’s appalling that professional veterinary facility let something this awful happen. My thoughts are with you and sweet little Sascha :)

  7. Cedric H.

    This is completely distasteful, unprofessional, and very shameful. As “professionals” which I use the term loosely, you’re (La pet clinic) obligated to explain to your clients the outcome of your services; rather good or bad. Thank God Sascha is ok, and hopefully recovers to her original state. Nevertheless, may this be a lesson learned for Dr. Reina and the rest of the entire staff!!!

  8. Cedric H.

    This is completely distasteful, unprofessional, and very shameful. As “professionals” which I use the term loosely, you’re (La pet clinic) obligated to explain to your clients the outcome of your services; rather good or bad. Thank God Sascha is ok, and hopefully recovers to her original state. Nevertheless, may this be a lesson learned for Dr. Reina and the rest of the entire staff!!!

  9. Rich

    This is terrible. I don’t know how a professional could have let something like this happen. I hope Sascha recovers well from this. I also hope that word gets out about how poorly LA Pet Clinic treats their patients.

  10. Rikki Siegel

    If you can’t trust LA Pet Clinic to fix a simple broken toe on your beloved pet they should not be permitted to stay in business. This cannot be an isolated case of such gross negligence. They gave your dog the wrong medication on top of nearly costing Sasha her leg. They are despicable. How can people even work at LA Pet Clinic knowing they are doing more damage than good for sick animals. They are what is wrong with society. Preying on your love for your pet to get as much money out of you with no regard for the animal. More importantly no knowledge or skills to get your precious dog back to health.
    Love to Sasha.

  11. Erin

    So terrible, such a sad story. I hope Sascha recovers quickly and the clinic admits their mistakes. I’ll definitely never recommend LA pet clinic to friends.

  12. justin

    This breaks my heart! I found this sad story while searching for a veterinarian online. I was considering taking my beloved great dane Julio here until I saw what happened to your lovely girl.

    Thank you for getting the word out.

  13. Brandon

    Sascha will have to live the rest of her life adapting to the unfair circumstance that is a result of poor care and complete negligence of a dishonest veterinary clinic. Thankfully she will survive, but at what cost? This tragedy could have been avoided, or at the least minimalized had the vet upheld the integrity necessary in doing professional buisiness. I do not own a dog at this time, but when I do, I will definitely learn from poor Sascha’s experience by deeply investigating each vet clinic in mind before choosing one (and most certainly not this one).

    I know you’ll through Sascha. Your a fighter, just like the rest of us.

  14. Lars S

    This is absolutely horrific. It sounds like you were diligent with her when she became sick, but the perpetrator was right before your eyes. My heart goes out to you and to Sascha.

  15. Sam Reyes

    This a good lesson in being careful and not just blindly following the advice of just any supposed “professional.” It seems as if not for the intuition of the owner, Sascha would’ve lost her leg. This doctor should have his/her license taken away. Hope Sascha has a speedy recovery.


  16. John D

    What a horrible thing to happen. It’s especially sad when you put your trust in a so-called professional to take care of your pets and/or loved ones and to have such an experience. Makes you wonder if you can trust anyone to do the right job. Best of luck to Sascha and I hope she recovers as much as possible.

  17. Patt

    As a dog owner and dog lover I am sick to my stomach when I look at these pictures and see how much pain and how sad Sascha looks. The vet who is responsible for all of this is a coward not to take full responsibility for the incompetency (or complete lack of care) displayed here. The fact the these so called professionals allowed this to happen after Sascha’s parents repeatedly took her to them to find out what was wrong is mind boggling. These people need to pay for their neglect of this precious baby! I can only pray that no other dog owners or dogs fall prey to this so called “vet.”

  18. rose

    Dr. Reina should know better. This is not acceptable for someone call them-self a professional veterinarian. Saw Sascha hurt, and got wrong treatment, is totally unfair for this little puppy who can’t talk. I am glad the parents of Sascha take control take her out from Dr. Reina and get second opinion.

    Big lesson here to learn, always get second opinion veterinarian. I am glad Sascha will be better and not losing her leg.

    I definitely will not going to take my dog for any treatment to LA PET Clinic based on this blog.

  19. Mahea

    Poor Sascha, she looks like such a love and it is such a shame that a simple incident at the dog park led to so much pain and suffering for her. I hope she is on the mend soon and back to being her normal, energetic self. It goes to show you really have to watch your vet and not be afraid to second guess. It is hard to find a good vet that you trust.

  20. Josh Goldberg

    What a tragic story indeed. I cannot believe what this puppy and the parents have endured because of a major oversight on what seems very obvious to be on the vet, if you can call him that, side. They need to own up to this and make it right somehow. How will this puppy’s life every be the same? The pet clinic has robbed her of months of her life (the parents too apparently) and changed it forever. they need to find a way to give this poor pup her paw and time back! Demand it!

  21. Gina Mercado

    How can this establishment call themselves professionals?! I can’t imagine the fear, pain, and anguish this little puppy endured! This little creature is truly remarkable. Keep fighting to get Sascha well and to make others aware of this butcher of a vet!

  22. Arman Latavian

    This vet is a shame to all vets and should really admit his mistake and try to never let this happen ever again. I feel so sad for Sascha.

  23. JC

    I was walking my two dogs at Runyon and I saw this posted up on the message wall and all I can say is, I can’t even believe this is real. I mean, I had to look at the website because it just seemed so ridiculous. And it is ridiculous, and sad. It’s sad that these people call themselves vets. I’m glad someone stood up for the puppy.

  24. Dayna

    It’s appalling that any professional would treat an animal and her owners with such blatant disrespect and offer such a lack of care. Someone like this shouldn’t even be allowed to treat animals. I hope that Sascha continues to get better and has a wonderful life, even though she had to deal with such horrible medical treatment as a puppy.

  25. Mary

    I would have lost it and the police would have had to come pull me off of this quack vet. Seriously, I would have flipped out if someone did this. I hope you get this person, they need to pay dearly.

  26. Jason E

    I’ve heard of this guy, people love or hate him but I hear nothing good about the people that work there. Now my mind is made up, I hate him. He should not call himself a “vet”.

  27. Christine

    Oh. My. God. When I heard about this I had no idea just how botched this was. I hope that poor baby recovers to the fullest and the vet takes responsibility for their destructive actions.

  28. Boyd RL

    Please give us an update on this poor lil girl! I’d almost say no update necessary for this mockery of a vet, but I hope he’s feeling the shame and got served!

  29. David S.

    This is utterly atrocious! Did this guy print a fake Veterinary Medicine Degree off the internet or what because I highly doubt any university in their right mind would allow a guy with this much negligence and disregard for other living creatures to walk up on stage and receive a degree. To think this guy has the title “Dr.” to his name is a complete joke! I hope this guy gets his license revoked so no other innocent animal will suffer any more horrible malpractice at the hands of this hack. My heart goes out to poor little Sascha and her owner and I wish the best for her recovery. That “doctor” had one job! just one job! and he couldn’t even do that right, I hope Sascha and her owner get the justice they deserve.

  30. Nicole

    This story is certainly very disapointing. We as pet owners depend on vets to take care of our pets and to hear this is sad. The people responsible for this act should feel ashamed for allowing for this to escalate. This deserves some justice.

  31. Natalie

    This is such a horrible incident, to put your trust in a professional vet with a living species whom someone loves and care for. This is the result ? It is ashame and the Vet. should be accounted for this shouldn’t have happened and should have been prevented it’s so bad. I’m a dog person and dogs are family and even if it was any other pet no animal should have to go through this is so sad. Best wishes to Sascha and that she recovers ❤️

  32. doggieownerlosangeles

    I have just skimmed through the comments, so maybe someone has pointed this out already. If that is the case, I apologize for the duplicate comment.

    Whenever seeking medical, dental etc. care for yourself or your loved ones, please check the provider’s license status first. The vet in question has two negative remarks from the veterinary medical board. An accusation was filed in 2006 and his license was revoked in 2007. The revocation was lifted after completion of probation. These facts alone should raise red flags.

    Best wishes to Sascha Rose.

    1. admin Post author

      We had a previous relationship with this Dr. He had seen our cats. Our neighbor had been seeing him for 30 years also. We are totally shocked, and mad as hell.


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